THE MATH: (Pluto + Capricorn) OPPOSITE (Moon + Pallas Athene + Lilith CONJUNCT Cancer) = have 3 more lives


Persephone tells the sexy

cats a secret, in a corner,

at the Masquerade…

"tHere are holes, darker
than mine; Tunnels, longer.
Pluto knows them,

and he tells me
about them someTimes,
as he wraps me in

his arms.  He worries
he has wasted
Time, digging

his Way into them,
and finding his Way
out again.  I tell him,

people spend their whole
lives, in the pits
of far more shallow

Hells- Subtly boiled,
like frogs.  They do not
notice the Way

comfort anesthetizes. 
You have loved deeply,
and you have lost

deeply, and you have
died, 6 Times.  You still
have 3 more lives,

and you are young,
though your eyes betray
a suffering that has made

you soft and strong, like
the old mountains you are
hungry to climb.

You keep on climbing."

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