THE MATH: GRAND AIR TRINE: (Sun + Venus CONJUNCT Libra) TRINE (Vesta + Aquarius) TRINE (Mars + Gemini) = a boon of clunky


Queen Venus advises Vesta

on what to do about

her writers-block, while

they hit the dance floor…

"What is natural
arises, even if

what arises
is Nothing.

There are phases.
What once carried

you through high
tides, is Now

a boon of clunky
use to you.  Over

shallow riverbeds,
it is just simpler

to walk.  No need to
defame your life

-preserver, because it is
painful to feel far from

it.  Place it on
your altar, with

gratitude.  Put
the sword back

in the stone,
and prophecy

it's future King.
Perhaps you have

found what you need
at the fountain


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