THE MATH: (Pallas Athene + Lilith CONJUNCT Cancer) INCONJUNCT (Vesta + Saturn AQUARIUS) = to heel, before you


The sexy cats meet
up again, to talk about
the plan...  "Venus says

I have to prophecy
the future King, before
I can retire," Vesta says.

"We have some out
-standing mythologies
that need to come

to heel, before you
go," Athena pleads
with her.  "Like what?"

Vesta asks the Teenie
One.  "Like the mystery of
my fucking dingy,"

Athena cuts.  Vesta rolls
her eyes toward
the ceiling, "How

do you know When
something is for you
Athena?"  Athena slaps

the look off Vesta's
face, "Because it is
with me.  So are you

fucking with me?
Or what?" Athena stares
at her as she hisses.

"Fine," V sighs, "Meet
me in the powder
room in 5 minutes

Time.  Grab my selkie
-penguins, you know
which Ones."

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