THE MATH: (Vesta + Aquarius) INCONJUNCT (Pallas Athene + Lilith CONJUNCT Cancer) = to do, mysterious


Vesta waits

for the Selkie-Penguins

in the powder room

at the Masquerade…

"Between lives, like
goo in a cocoon.
I do not know

how to put mySelves
back together,
and yet I do

form some kind
of shape, within
the soup.  It is

not because I am
a genius.  It is
just because it is

the natural thing
to do, mysterious
though it may be,

Here in the opaque
part of the process.
We build things

up, to break
things down- like
All the leaves

I wrote, then munched
upon, to arrive in this
very darkness.  Pages

of my Story that
mean Everything,
and Nothing much.

What will be
my next function?
And how could I

conceptualize what
that is yet, Here
in the opaque

part of the process?"

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