THE MATH: (Sun + Venus CONJUCNT Scorpio) = me, as the smoke


Sunny makes a bonFire

at the Masquerade…

"Here in the Dark
of things, we Light
a Fire, and men

play their tunes
between their stories.
You can learn

a lot about a person
by what stories
they choose

to tell you.  What
moments stand
out to them

as significant, and how
they choose to sculpt
their persona-

What they want
you to know, or
memories they can't

get rid of, or
how they want
you to See

them.  But I
try not to track
people, around

the campfire.
It's rude.  I watch
the cowboy TV,

and let the original
music wash over
me, as the smoke

drifts into the Star
-Light.  My back
to the Earth.

I appreciate
the stories sung,
and stories told,

by strangers, simply
passing through,
and sharing a little

Light, within the Dark."

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