THE MATH: SOLAR ECLIPSE: (Lilith + Pallas Athene CONJUNCT Cancer) OPPOSITE (Pluto + Capricorn) = “A Hero must


 Lilith busts
into the powder room,
"'A Hero must

disenchant himSelves,
before he can dis
-enchant the Wasteland'

-Joseph Campbell" she quotes.
Vesta smiles, "Aww, Lili,
you've been reading 'Romance

of the Grail."  Persephone
furrows her brow, "What?"
"It fucking hurts to fall

off the pedestal, Persephone,"
Lilith says , as she hops
onto the sink counter.

"I know," Persephone says,
as she crosses her arms.
"First, you must cure yourSelves

of All knowing!" Lilith pokes her
in the third eye, quoting
Lao Tzu, "You don't

know.  You are the Princess.
But your boy, Pluto
is looking a little bruised,

at the moment."
Persephone glowers.
"It's not my fault,

he climbs," she growls.
Lilith keeps digging, "Yeah, Well,
he also takes the fall.  So,

remember that, the next Time
he lays you gently down
on Ocean beds."  "It's called

'taking the whip', Lilith,"
Persephone corrects, "We're trying
to re-enchant the Wasteland,

not dis-enchant it."
"I disagree," Lilith shakes
her head, "We are

re-enchanting the World,
which requires dis-enchanting
the Wasteland.  I've got

a lot of Energy, if you want
someone to fight with.
Pluto is my bestie,

cut him a break, or risk
the scratch of my wrath."
Vesta laughs, "Lilith, I Love that

you finally decided
to join
my book club."

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