THE MATH: SOLAR ECLIPSE SCORPIO: (Sun + Moon + Venus CONJUNCT Scorpio) = stuck in a myth


Persephone confides

in the Selkie-Penguins

in the powder room

at the Masquerade…

"I looked at the charts.
I showed him the Way
the Sun and the Moon

would meet him Here.
'No matter what
happens, we will

have eachOther,'
he said.  But we don't.
Things have happened.

tHere is Love,
yet tHere is
something I am

wanting to recover.
Trapped in the Under.
It's annoying to be

stuck in a myth
with a Lover,
despite my best

efforts.  I watch
the symbols turn,
and read it All

over my birth
chart- Archetypes activated
 by the spiraling skies.

The Stars say,
'Fuck your desire
to control,' as alWays.

I look for the Way
out.  I seek
the counter-myth.

But I don't know
who Pluto is,
enough to know how

to find his opposite."
Vesta sighs, and pats
Persephone on the head,

"We don't.  We can't.  We won't,
Persephone.  We can
only find our own


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