THE MATH: (Vesta + Aquarius) INCONJUNCT (Pallas Athene + Lilith CONJUNCT Cancer) = questions. “Creativity


The Selkie-Penguins

continue to chat

in the powder room..

"Why don't you
want to be a writer

anymore, V?"  Athena
questions.  "Creativity

changes shape, Athena.
You know that.  Why

don't you want to weave
labyrinths, anymore?" Vesta

questions back.  "Because
they were killing me,"

Athena states.  "Well,
tHere you go," V nods.

"But writing isn't killing
you," Athena continues.

Vesta shrugs, "Writing is
something that I do

to stay aLive, and eventually
All things die.  You cannot

miss what is meant
for you, Teenie.  If writing is

meant for me, it will
return."  "Like the labyrinths

returned..." Athena trails.
"And left again," V finishes.

"Hey, did you ever burn
the relic?" Vesta wonders.

"Yes," Athena nods, solemnly.
"And how did it feel, to kill

yourSelves?" Vesta continues.  
Athena sighs, "Fucking good."

Vesta puts her hands
behind her head, and smiles,

"Will you deny me 
that same pleasure?"

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