THE MATH: (Athena + Lilith CONJUNCT Cancer) INCONJUNCT (Vesta + Aquarius) = This is the fantastic


Athena still can’t

let it go…

"The planet we are on
is a little pebble, and we
have grown out of

the Earth of this pebble.
This is the fantastic
mythology that's waiting

for someOne to write
poems about'," Athena argues
quoting, 'Myths of Light',

by Joseph Campbell, "See,
You can't stop writing, V."
"Mythology is composed

by poets, out of
their inSights and realizations.
Mythologies are not invented;

they are found.  You can
no more tell us what
your dream is going to be

tonight, than we can invent
a myth.  Myths come
from the mystical region

of essential experience.'"
Vesta quotes back to her,
"I can't just decide to make

your dingy appear, Athena.
If you rush it, you'll ruin it,
and no amount of force

will change that."  "But you
will keep writing, until it floats
forward?"  Athena asks.

"Maybe," Vesta shrugs,
"Maybe not."  "Athena," Lilith cuts
in, "No offense, but

your dingy is not that big
of a deal.  And while we are
All Here, let's discuss

what myths must
come to heel."  "Fine,"
Athena sniffs.  "Here,"

V grins, handing Athena
a fountain pen, "Why
don't you, take 

the meeting minutes."

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