THE MATH: (Vesta + Aquarius) INCONJUNCT (Lilith + Pallas Athene CONJUNCT Cancer) = track the arc


"OK, how many myths
do we have to wrangle?"
Athena asks.  Vesta holds

her head, " I don't know."
"Don't worry, V,"
Lilith consoles her, "It will be

like catching lambs
in a pasture.  You
track the arc

of their movement,
and intercept them
where you See

they are headed."
Athena swipes the sink counter
clear of the towelettes,

wielding the fountain pen,
"Let's make a list.  It alWays
helps to See what

you have, in front of you.
We can begin, with
my dingy," Athena nods.

Lilith rolls her eyes,
and begins to count
on her fingers, "One

outstanding dingy,"
Athena writes it down,
diligently.  "Two

outstanding armies,
one of Zombies,
one of Clones,"

Venus pipes in, as she
swings the powder
room door open.

She touches up her lipstick
in the mirror.  "Three,"
Athena carries on,

"We still don't know
where the fuck Keebir is."
"Four," Persephone hisses,

from wHere she broods
in the corner, "Did Mars
ever give Destiny that

rim job, or what?"  "Five,"
Lilith grins, "Neptune is still
bumping cubes

with Astraea and Arachne
on the Dreaming Sea."
"Six," Vesta nods,

"The on-going power
struggle between Saturn
and Uranus."  "Seven,"

Persephone wonders,
"Where the fuck is
my Dad's torch?"  "Jupiter

is our Dad," Lilith corrects,
"And Henry took it, remember?"
"So wHere is Henry, and the rest

of the Knights?" Vesta asks her.
"Good question..." Lilith
falters.  "Don't you

and Henry have a thing?"
Venus shoots a glance at Lilith
in the mirror, "You should text him."

"What makes you say that?"
Lilith deflects.  "You tend
 to like the cutting Ones,"

Venus smirks, rubbing her
lips together, "And you need
a new arch-nemesis

Lover-Boi."  "Enough
about me," Lilith waves
the thought a Way, "Is tHere

anything else, we are missing?"
... The Selkie-Penguins
keep thinking ...

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