THE MATH: (Venus + S. Node CONJUNCT Scorpio) = in the wheel- the One


Fate busts into the powder

room, singing an old song

to the Selkie-Penguins

as they keep brainstorming…

The Thorn and the Clock-Maker

"You were the bird
I fed in winter.  Cold,
and dark, and grateful

for the warmth.
Now you glow,
like the Sun, little

finch, splashing in the bath.
You never knock 
at my window anymore.

I, too, am up to other
things.  I have been
turning worlds Here.

Calling out, and reaching
in.  So deep, I found
the thorn, stuck

in the wheel- the One
I pulled out of your wing,
and clenched between

my teeth, like the pins
of the clockwork,
before I dropped it.

It didn't stop the revolutions
right a Way.  The wheel still
turned, for a while; like

a belly, eaten something
vaguely off.  I had
to take everything apart,

you know, when
the gears finally
crunched, to a halt.

But I want to give it
back, to you, little 
bird- The thorn,

that's why I'm Here,
you See, at this
marbled bath.  For truly

I don't feel much in
your summer song.
It's just that

I prefer the depths.
Those we know,
by the pain

of the piercing thorn,
and it's quick knowledge.
Those we know

by the pleasure
of the turning wheel,
and it's learned workings.

You were the bird
I fed in winter, before
I knew how

my Heart could move
and meet the many
planes of keeping Time.

And I will Love you,
as I alWays have
since you first tapped on

my window, without
this thorn that I took
from your body.

Did you know, little
finch, that goodbye means
God be with you?"

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