THE MATH: (Saturn + Aquarius) SQUARE (Venus + Scorpio) = and no One invited me


Saturn calls Venus

from his lonely Courtroom…

"No one noticed that
I stationed direct, AGAIN,"
Saturn whines.

"Structure is just not
that hot right Now,
Time-D," Venus shrugs,

"People are a little
caught up, taking
apart their crazy

-glue clocks, n' shit.
It's freak-out season."
"And no One invited me

to the Masquerade,"
Saturn sniffs.  Venus rolls
her eyes, "You know if

you were Here, you would be
complaining about how
you could do it better,

the entire Time." "I can be
fun," Saturn protests.
"Sure," Venus indulges him,

"You have had lots
of fun, in Court and in Book
Club, but gatherings

without lesson plans
do not sit Well
with you."  "You mean

I don't sit Well
with you," Saturn challenges,
"I can hang back, and not

rule over everything."
"Great," Venus says,
"Stay right wHere

you are, then."

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