THE MATH: LUNAR ECLIPSE TAURUS: (Moon + Uranus + N. Node CONJUNCT Taurus) OPPOSITE (Sun + Mercury + Venus CONJUNCT S. Node + Scorpio) = with Nothing


…Persephone leaves

the Masquerade…

"We surface from
the cave, the hour
before midnight

under a high
Moon, almost
full.  The pathWay

spits us out, into
a misty pasture,
as the clouds

roll over her,
and I feel close
to home.  I somersault,

and Mars glows
yellow- his eye
peeking through a pocket

in the Sky.  We follow
the bug-song to
the pasture edge.

We hop the rocks
in the bright moon
Light.  We find

the trees and stones
that we most like.
We sit, and do Nothing,

and watch the camp
-Fires glow in the Dreaming
Field below.  We use it

like a canvas, to paint
a picture.  I ask
Pluto, what he would

make Here, 'Not much,'
he says, as he turns
to me, asking what I would

grow, and I hug him
close, and say, 'Let's go
with Nothing.'"

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