THE WEAVE: LUNAR ECLIPSE: (Vesta + Aquarius) TRINE (Mars Rx + Gemini) = a poet, with a folder


…Vesta wanders out

of the cave Masquerade

slowly, behind the crowd…

"How exactly does
consciousness grow?
Bright pockets and Dark

plateaus, like long
drags between them...
I couldn't imagine

becoming who I wanted
to be when I was 16-
A popular housewife

full of vapid
anxiety.  I was
so concerned

with being liked,
and I never wrote
anything.  I am

who I wanted to be
when I was 8- An artist
and a poet, with a folder

full of bad poems.
It didn't cost me
anything, but waking

up to pain.  I expanded
when I began asking 
myself questions,

and some Selves started
answering.  The current
has turned me in

circles, and Here
I am, at the Dragon's
head, ready to swallow

a Weave again,
asking, 'How exactly
does consciousness grow?"

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