THE MATH: FULL MOON: (Moon + Mars Rx CONJUNCT Gemini) = in his veins. His anti-


…Persephone Speaks…

“tHere are many Ways
it could have
gone.  We have gone

a Way, Now.  We imagine
it is the only
Way we could

go.  What Way
will we go
Now?  With Pluto

sucking at the backs
of our Hearts?  We tow
him behind us,

because he is
ahead; a Master
with a skill

to lend-
traded by Way
of a pulsing

lesson, dripping,
deep like the mountain
Spring; the Well, pumping 

in his veins.  His anti-
venom, delivered in
a smooth catch

from below, like
a soft push. Up
-ward.  tHere is

no removing a Tao,
as Light
as Darkness.”

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