THE MATH: (Lilith + Cancer) OPPOSITE (Pluto + Capricorn) = in Winter, finding Ways


…Lilith sits below a tree,

with a sack of forest

books, and waits…

"I was wrong, about the moss;

a mint on Connecticut grays.
It is lime rinds, sprinkled
with vermilion pepper flakes,
on a wet coffee grounds base.

Truly it is the lichen, who taste
minty to the pupils, but
with a dry finish, like chalk,
or too much flour.

The newly budding leaf is minty-
-fresh, not like the hearty moss
that does not season out
in Winter, finding Ways.

To power through, it matures
and changes flavors, growing
different highlights as it becomes
sun bleached, saturated, cold, or old.

Moss is technicolor hairstyle
shifting pigment root to tip.
Every stone head bearing
unique expressions of possibility.

I was wrong, about the moss."

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