THE MATH: (Pluto + Capricorn) OPPOSITE (Lilith + Cancer) = seekers to find.”


…Pluto meets Lilith under

the Hemlock tree…

"So how are we going 
to lure the zombies out?"

Lilith jumps up when she sees
him, ready to plot.  Pluto 

ignores her, "You got 'em?"
he holds out his palm.

"Yes, but, I really don't
know if this is a good

idea..." Lilith does not
hand the sack over.

"Good thing we are
not good, we are

gray, then," Pluto does not
move.  Lilith breaks

the beat with a sigh,
relinquishing the diaries,

"Fine, take the goods."
Pluto exhales, as the rucksack

meets his grip.
"But what are you

going to do with them?"
Lilith asks.  Pluto shrugs,

"According to the Oracle,
at least one book is hidden,

within a nook," Pluto explains,
as he waves his free hand

at the Forest around them,
"So, you're just rigging

the Prophecy?" Lilith crosses
her arms.  "No," Pluto

shakes his head, "It's more
like I am a Magician

with a Dream, placing
many swords, in many stones,

for gallant young
seekers to find."

"I don't see
how this helps us

with our zombie problem,"
Lilith argues.  Pluto begins

to walk a Way,
in search of the good hiding

spots.  He shrugs, "A hero
is great bait for a monster."

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