THE MATH: (Vesta + White Moon + Astraea + Juno CONJUNCT Pisces) = a Way, “If it is, it is one


…Vesta joins

Arachne, Astraea and Selena

on the ice-cube, to talk

about writing…

"When I am
ill, I write, until
I am not

anymore.  Writing,
is one Way to gauge
when I am

coming down,
with a flu
of the Spirit.

I sow Mystery,
so that tHere is
Magick for me 

to find.  Scribbles sculpt
their form in Time-
shaping the echo

of a saying- plucked
from the tree, 
as an autumn

fruit," Vesta pauses,
then adds, "It's food
for thought."

Selena politely inclines
her head, "No offense, but,
that sounds like a routine."

Vesta shrugs the slight
a Way, "If it is, it is one
I know Well," she admits.

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