THE MATH: (Moon + Libra) SEXTILE (Sun + Sagittarius) = “Heard, Mother,”


…Persephone plays make

-believe with a child…

"This is my boat,"
the Girl says, pointing
to a laundry basket.

"What's the plot?"
Persephone asks her.
"We're at Sea,"

the Girl shrugs,
"Would you like to
come aboard?

-You're driving," she adds,
"You are Princess
Frog, and I am

the Queen.  You shall call me,
Mother."  "Yes, my Queen,"
Persephone bows deeply.

"-Mother," the Girl
corrects, "We're Mermaids."
"Heard, Mother,"

Persephone revs
the engine, "I Love
playing Selkie-Penguins."

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