THE MATH: (Lilith + Cancer) OPPOSITE (Venus + Capricorn) = thing that happens, When


…Persephone’s phone

rings. She answers in

the Holly tree…

"So I have a concern,"
Lilith crackles on
the other end.  "Since When

are you concerned about
anything?"  Persephone wonders.
"Since you decided it

might be a good
idea to Live, in a Forgetting
place," Lilith tells her.

"The mysteries whisper
in the hallWays..."
Persephone drifts

from many leagues
below the surface.
"Persephone," Lilith hopes

to explain, "tHere is this
thing that happens,
When you enter

into Fae Lands..."   "What's that?"
Sephy questions.  Lilith sighs,
"If you come out, you come out...

"It is my Destiny
to Change!" Persephone sings,

"The body Lights.
The body leads.
'The body will

tell you clear as Day-"
"-what Way it wants
to move.'  Yes, yes,

I know the Dr.'s tune,"
Lilith dominates, "Listen.
I am not telling you

not to be tHere.  I am
telling you about this
thing that happens, When

you enter into Fae
Lands..."  "Well out
with it,"  Persephone hisses.

Lilith sucks in breath,
holds it, then lets it 
loose, "You lose

track of When
you are.  You hold
stories, like the wyrd

of a spiraling web. 
Not all who wander,
make it back- and truly

tHere is no back at all-
except, for The Back
and Back, that goes..."

Now Lilith, too, begins
to trail.  Persephone 
snaps her fingers

into the receiving
end.  What's your point
caller?" Persephone prompts

her.  "No point," Lilith
shrugs, "It is only
a concern."


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