THE MATH: (Venus + Pluto CONJUNCT Capricorn) = a quill, “Tell me,


…Mercury turns a page

of the soft

and heavy tome…


Persephone woke
from a dream, snuggled
before Pluto's Fire

-place.  "You fell,"
he explained, "from
the Holly, my Dear.

Like a ripened fruit,
I picked you up,
and laid you Here,

upon this Hearth,
to warm your flesh,"
She held a sprig

of Holly in her
grip.  "I had a vision,"
Persephone breathed,

"that I was at the Surface
of a When I have not
been yet."  Pluto sat

at his desk, and whetted
a quill, "Tell me
the Tale," he asked her.

As Proserpina spoke
the Word, Pluto scrawled it.
With each When

captured, her Heart
forgot it, and together
they returned to slumber.

They would read them
upon waking in the morning.
And in those early

days, that's how
each Oracle was

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