THE MATH: (Mercury Rx + Capricorn) SEMISEXTILE (Saturn + Aquarius) = Saturn Revolution


..Mercury looks up

from his book,

and speaks…

"It was a scandal.
And they were famous
for it.  He, 47.  She, 18.

Separated by a whole
Saturn revolution.
They married just one

year after his
divorce.  They say
she married him

for money, but
their birth charts say,
it was for Love-  A stellium

conjunction in Cancer
aligns their Venus, Mercury,
and Vesta.  It was Love

that bound them
together.  They understood
how to give

and receive from one
-another, and who could help
but be a moth, drawn to a flame

that's burning doubly
bright, with Vesta.  Her Sun,
sat upon his Uranus

in the late degrees
of Gemini.  They were
a pair of tricksters; tasters

of ideas- and he Loved that
in this, she let him
shine.   Her Jupiter,

conjunct his South Node
in Taurus, wHere his Pluto dwelled, 
tHere would have been a fated

feeling, like they had known
each-other a long
Time.  His Jupiter

conjunct his North Node
in Scorpio, shows it
was his Destiny to drown

at Sea.  The Sabian
symbol for its degree:
'A woman, the father

of her own child.'  And indeed,
she escaped the Titanic,
just barely hours

before it sank,
five months pregnant
in Dingy #4.

He left her all
his money, unless
she married again.

And she married again,
giving it all up,
because she didn't

marry him for money.
She married him
for Love."

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