THE MATH: (Mars + Gemini) INCONJUNCT (Mercury Rx + Capricorn) = an ending, like an open


…Mercury sends Mars

a warning…

"A restless
Heart.  Can you hold

your tongue?  Can you wait
until the divine moment

comes?  There is no
use in forcing

a conversation that is not
ready to burst, with the subtle

poke of a finger-tip.
With technology, we have lost

the art of parlance: The soft
steer of conversation that leads

one creatively to
an ending, like an open

field.  With technology,
we have grown

impatient.  We are incapable
of sitting with a grating

notion.  We crave to conquer
it.  We want to pass it

on, and a Way from ourSelves,
like a hot-potato.  We send

a text.  We craft
an e-mail, because we can

not bear to hold
a swelling thought

for long enough
to do nothing, and let it

meander to an opening,
leading us, like sheep,

to pasture.  Wait,
and have that

conversation in person,
wHere the other can 

respond, and through the Way
they wander, you can

learn more about what it is
they conceal, or wish.

Control is cheap,
when obtained by force,

and only creates foxy
lambs.  Be the sheep

-dog, instead.  Know
wHere you are guiding

the ram, and no matter
how the herd bolts, 

your movement masters."

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