THE MATH: (Lilith + Leo) TRINE (Jupiter + Aries) = Lucky. You have broken


…Lilith Speaks…

"Handiboi still emails me.
I haven't written back
in Moons.  I do my best not

to provoke him, but
he still reads, everything,
because he still thinks

I am talking to him.
Every line, like an arrow
to his Heart- an accusation,

I am not making.
I have stopped speaking
to him, because it does not

matter what I say. 
If I am kind, he will keep
e-mailing me.  If I am mean,

he will keep e-mailing
me.  I am grateful
he no longer knows wHere

I live, as he tells me
he has left the psych-ward
across the street

from my old coffee
haunt.  The psyche-ward,
he says, is full

of brilliant people-
And he learns more
from them, than from the, 'college

educated normals'.  'Mental 
health,' he says, 'is absolutely
not fit, for a mental

institution.'  And in this
I do agree. 
Mental health does not

mean, anything.
I have
had the ones

I Love, desire
to imprison me.  'Come home,'
they said, 'And get the help

you need.'  Sedating me,
would be easier than hearing me.
tHere will alWays be

people telling you, you need
something, be it more
money, or a better mind.

I am sure tHere are more
brilliant people,
in the psych-ward, than many

other places, HandiOne.
In your madness, you are
Lucky.  You have broken

your brain a Way
from the enslavement
of a 'normal' form.

And since you are
a brilliant one, learn
how to wield

your Power, and your madness
at the World.  So you can
dive, instead of drown."

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