THE MATH: (Lilith + Leo) OPPOSITE (Sun + Pluto CONJUNCT Capricorn) = I am next


…Lilith whispers

in the Dark…

"Conspiring, they say
Life might be
conspiring to give

me, everything
I want, if only
I could stop

trying to control
the entire process.
Do I know what I want?

Once, I had
peace and quiet,
yet it was not

enough.  Once I had
Love and devotion,
yet still I gnawed

with thirst.  Once
I had freedom
and I dreamed

of containment.
I no longer
trust these desires

of the Heart- A series
of experiences.  Waves
go up and down.

So give me, Dear
Universe, the Life
I am next

meant to live,
and I will do
what I have learned

to do.  I will
make honey
from it."

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