THE MATH: (Vesta + Pisces) SEMISEXTILE (Venus + Saturn CONJUNCT Aquarius) = he accepts himSelf, the whole


…Venus dials Vesta…

"Heyyy, V, what's new?"
Venus calls in a sing song,
on Saturn's behalf.  Venus stares
at him, while she speaks

into the receiver.
"I am taking a job,"
Vesta proclaims on
the other end.  "What?"

Venus frowns, "but
you have one of those."
"What?" Saturn inches
closer to Venus, his own

brow furrowing, "What's
going on?"  Venus shushes him
with a finger.  "Remember,"
she says to V, "You are

the Librarian."  Vesta sighs,
as she gazes around
at the many books,
on many shelves.  "The Library,"

Vesta states, "is more
like a beast I feed.
I am more of zoo
-keeper, if you know

what I mean..." Venus doesn't,
so she carries on,
"What is the role?" 
"I will be," Vesta says,

splaying her hands 
in the Air, "a Waitress."
"What?!" Venus exclaims.
"What?!" Saturn mirrors her,

"What's happening!?"
he asks, anxiously
pulling at his thinning hair.
V shrugs, as she twirls

her own.  "A friend
placed the application
at the reception desk."  "So
you're just going to go

for the low hanging fruit?"
Venus judges her, "Drifting
about, like a Water-logged
Fool.  Don't you

have any ambition?
You should really focus
on publishing."  Vesta sighs,
"The Master understands,

the Universe is forever
out of control, and trying
to dominate events, goes
against the current

of the Tao."  "You know,"
Venus hisses, "you can find
anything, in that book,
to validate yourSelf?"

Vesta drones over her, 
as she continues to quote it,
in himSelf, he does not

try to convince others..."
she then solemnly waits,
"It's a dead end," Venus snaps
 but Vesta's eyes are closed, "Because

he accepts himSelf, the whole
World accepts him."
"OMG," Venus screams,
"STFU!" and hangs up on her.

"Venus," Saturn looks shocked,
that was not your best
face.  Have you noticed,
you're kind of brat, in Aquarius?

What's happened?" Saturn demands
an answer, on the edge
of his seat.  "Vesta,
got a job," Venus spits,

"that's a waste of Time."
All the tension leaves
Saturn's face, "Time, Venus,
is never wasted, by a Master,"

he smiles, leaning back again.

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