THE MATH: New Moon Aquarius = just like everybody else

Yesterday's new Moon in Aquarius echoes back to the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction at 0 degrees Aquarius in December of 2020.  Lately, almost nostalgically, I've been remembering what Life was like for me then, even though it was extremely challenging.

There was a seed planted in my soul at that Time that has taken deep root.  Perhaps there is such a seed for you also.  Think back...

I was close to the Earth, but in a land I didn't recognize.  I was far from everyone I loved, but only a phone call away.  I was breaking apart, and breaking open.  I had chosen a path that many in my life did not understand and some condemned.  I was seeking autonomy.  I was healing.

I was reworking my idea of reality.  I felt safest where I had been told I was the most unsafe.  I felt most comfortable with very few comforts at all.   I was learning what I could live with, and what I couldn't live without.

Life was inviting me to sit more deeply in my own authority, inviting me to own my part in creating my reality, inviting me to believe in myself.

It was intensely painful, and intensely beautiful.

What I was learning and how I was living then is returning to me now.  The spiral comes home.  What's different is that I'm not doing it alone. 

None of us are meant to do this Life alone.  We are intrinsically inseparable from one another.  This doesn't mean we are meant to be the same or constantly in unison, and we shouldn't have to be of one mind in order to be welcomed to the feast of Life.

You need no invitation.  Claim it.

We are meant to gather in our variety, to celebrate our unique gifts, to bolster each-other with them, to let things miraculously weave together through the living web of difference. 

How divine it is that there is only one of you, just like everybody else.

I wonder how these notions will echo into the future as I hear my Now echo into the past.  As Pluto passes over these first degrees of Aquarius again and again in the coming years, perhaps these ideas of what it means to be in community will be worked and reworked. 

There will be pain.  There will be joy.  You are strong enough to grow, and soft enough to change.

Xx, J

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