THE MATH: T-SQUARE: (Lilith + Leo) OPPOSITE (Sun + Aquarius) SQUARE (S. Node + Scorpio) = in a high place.”


…Lilith remembers Lucifer…

"I See you,
standing on the steps,
shoveled clean of Spring

-Time snow.  tHere is
a glowing in your eyes,
as you wait to greet

whoever it is that is
arriving next.  I wear
a brown pea-coat. 

I am solemn,
in my yellow
hat.  But I

begin to smile
as you guide us
through a mountain

field, to the stupa,
painted bright.  And you See
something in me I am not

yet.  And you want it for your
-Self.  And I begin to wrestle
with your Darkness

in a high place."

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