THE MATH: (Lilith + Leo) OPPOSITE (Pluto + Capricorn) = Lilith confesses.


Pluto and Lilith are back

to laying on Pluto’s therapy

rug, smoking cigarettes…

"Why so pouty,
Lilikoi?" asks Pluto.

"My 'Rage is dying,"
Lilith confesses.

"Your 'Rage is alWays
breaking, but she

alWays comes back to Life,"
Pluto pats her on the head.

Lilith sighs, "Remember
when I said, "One day,

she will die, like All
things?" Lilith asks.

Pluto frowns, "I thought,
we weren't concerning ourSelves,

with that part of her
story yet."  "It's concerning

itSelf, with us," Lilith snaps,
"And I have no choice,

but to be with what is
with me."  "Who will you be

without the Road, and
your 'Rage?" Pluto wonders.

"A crafty witch, trapped
in One place..." Lilith drifts

off.  "Sounds 
like a Nightmare,"

Pluto whispers, ribbing
her.  Lilith snaps

back to attention.
"The magnet

collects mass, when
it stays in One

place," she offers.
"WTF does that mean?"

Pluto laughs.  "It means,"
Lilith grins,  "If you should claim

my Rage for Death,
be careful

what you wish for."

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