THE MATH: (Moon + Virgo) SQUARE (Mars + Gemini) = it makes me upset,


…Mars calls Moonie’s

helping hotline, to whine

about Medusa…

"It is up to you," Moonie says,
"You can become the mirror,
or the person in it-"

"But it is kind of selfish,
don't you think?"
Mars cuts in, "-to blame

another for your mood,
because you've decided
you feel what they feel,

and you don't want to?
'Now,' she said, 'You know
when you are upset,

it makes me upset,
and I'm trying to have
a good day,' like I am

responsible for the Way
she receives me," Mars pouts.
"So how did you

respond?" Moonie wonders.
Mars frowns, "I said Nothing,
because what else

is tHere?  Smooth
as a looking
glass, I became.  Done

with all the Ways
a person might try
to make me feel bad,

for having feelings,
and voicing them.
I told her, let me know

when you are ready
to hear me,"
Mars finishes.  Moonie sighs,

"Have you spoken
to Lilith, lately?"
"No," Mars grumbles,

"Why?"  "She is also not
a fan, of not being
heard," Moonie confides.

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