THE MATH: (True Lilith + Leo) SEXTILE (Mars + Gemini) SEXTILE (Chiron + Jupiter CONJUNCT Aries) = a mother. Right Now


…Mars calls Lilith, to bitch

about not being


"It would make sense
if she made any
sense, but she is

not making any
sense to me.
And I am not 

sure, what the use is,
arguing with a senseless
being,"  Mars explains.

Lilith sighs, "Yesterday
I told Jupiter, while I
intellectually understand

this idea, that a parent
Loves their child
unconditionally, I am not

a parent myself, so I have
not experienced it- but
as his child, I do not feel it

to be true.  He was
confused.  He said,
he never meant to

pressure me, to have 
children, although
he may have said such

-and-such a thing,
at so-and-so's
wedding," Lilith pauses.

Mars replies, "What's
your point, caller?"
Lilith darkens, "You

called me, moody
little brother.  My point
is, communication is never

a sure thing.  You can be
in therapy, with a mediator,
calmly taking turns

to speak, and still be 
misinterpreted, misunderstood,
and misread.  People cling

to the point they want
to make, lit up by a few
key phrases.  To drive my own

home, I twisted
the knife buried in
my Heart.  Abandoned,

I cried, you abandoned me,
when the whole world was
going Dark around me.

You ostracized me
from my entire support
system, because I was 

making choices you did not
like.  Your Love for me,
feels extremely conditional,

and though I have felt
a pressure to birth
children, bearing down

on me, from your direction,
we can save that
conversation for another

Time.  I will not be
a mother.  Right Now,
I am the child, asking,

OH WHY, am I the one
you could not Love
unconditionally?"  "OK..."

Mars drifts, "I am not sure
how this relates to me."
"Perhaps, Mars,"

Lilith rolls her eyes,
"Medusa did not say,
what you think she did."


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