THE MATH: (Pluto + Moon CONJUNCT Capricorn) = discomfort.”


…Pluto frowns

at Persephone’s seedlings,

sprouting on

the kitchen counter…

"You can't just 
sprout these, indoors,
Love," Pluto tells her.
Persephone furrows her brow,

"Why not?" She asks him.
"I thought you had
a green thumb?" Pluto returns
with a question.

"That's not me,"
she shakes her head,
"That's my mom."  "Do none
of these traits get passed

down?" Pluto teases,
stepping closer to twirl a lock
of her hair.  Persephone shrugs,
"I am warm, and easy

to befriend, like she is."
"Well," Pluto turns his attention
back to the seedlings again,
"Little two-leafs need a little

adversity to live.  They need
the Wind, to blow against
their stalks, and make them
strong.  Place the sprouts

by the Holly tree,
during the day, with
the Wind and Rain wHere
they belong."

"But they'll be vulnerable
out tHere," Persephone pouts
as she looks out the window.
"Fine," Pluto shrugs, and walks

down the hallWay, his deep
voice echoing behind him,
"Do it your Way,
and do not

cry to me when
they wither, because you
could not bear
to expose them to a little


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