THE MATH: (Sun + Pisces) SEXTILE (N. Node + Taurus) = on the butt, “Then git


…Neptune and the Moon

watch Sunny paddle

towards their cube,

on a dingy…

"Sonny!" shouts the Sun,
from far off on
the Dreaming Sea, "I am

Here, to save you!  Do not
worry!"  Neptune turns
to the Moon, "WTF,

is he on about?" Moonie
smiles, "It appears Sunny
discovered how to row,"

she explains, "The core identity,
often takes on a savior
complex, in Pisces."

"What if I do not want to be
saved?" Neptune protests.
Moonie slaps him

on the butt, " Then git
to hopping, little frog!
It's Time to test

those lily-pads..."

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