THE MATH: T-SQUARE: (Lilith + Leo) SQUARE (N. Node Taurus & S. Node Scorpio) = crying over the golden


…Fate cuts Lilith’s threads,

with Occam’s razor…

"Entities are not to be
multiplied beyond necessity,"
Fate says as she snips them.

"But I'm necessary!"
Lilith screams, blood curdling.
"How do you know?"  Destiny wonders.

"I'm alive aren't I?"
Lilith sobs back at her.
"Maybe..." Fate tilts her head,

gazing through Lilith,
"But you might just be
the reappearance of a thing

in a different place."
"What the fuck is that
supposed to mean?" Lilith shrieks

at the thought of it.
Destiny smooths the fly-a-Ways
of Lilith's curly mane.

Attempting to soothe her,
she says, "You are the girl,
crying over the golden

ball lost to the Well,
who ditched the frog
that brought it back to you."

"I got stuck in that Well
for years..." Lilith trails,
quieting. "Yes," Fate sighs,

in boredom,
"The quest often begins
with a blunder..."

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