THE MATH: (Mercury ENTERS Pisces) = Harbingers wondered


…Mercury falls asleep…

and dreams… and wakes…

"He left me
riddles, everywHere.

Nonsense to everyone
else, but to me, gold.

I knew him by his sense
of humor.  Family

members kept bringing
his clues to me, marked

by blue duct tape,
with black hearts, sharpied

upon them. 'wHere did you
find this?' I asked.

They took me to a bed,
revolving in a cabin,

that spun upon a lake.
Every note was out

of sequence, and trucks drove
a Way, with secrets

taped to their wheel
-Wells.  It was not a mystery

I was meant to solve,
presently, or ever

at all.  The gift was in
the madness made.

Harbingers wondered,
who Loved me enough

to play such
an elaborate prank."

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