THE MATH: (Saturn ENTERS Pisces) = glow. It traverses


…Saturn speaks…

"Even dreams must be
tested, by being
put into practice.

But a dream is a tender
thing, like a hermit
crab.  Poke it,

and it will retreat
into its shell,
as if it does not

exists at all.
Hold your dream
in a palm so still

it hardly knows
it is being held.
Observe it, as you

move this, or tweak that
with the greatest
gentleness.  Here,

a different stone. 
Here, a different Time
of Day.  Here, a different

grain of sand, and a Well
-placed shell your hermit
dream can grow into,

in the dead of Night,
beneath the full Moon
glow.  It traverses,

naked, when it thinks
the idea is
its own."

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