THE MATH: (Mars + Gemini) SQUARE (Neptune + Sun CONJUNCT Pisces) = more than sand,


…Neptune calls back

to Mars…

"Tugged on by the distractions
of the Day, it is easy to say
it was better the old

Way, when your body ached,
and the bed you made
was just for you to sleep in.

But what is truly
better than anything else?
Life is an ocean

of experiences, and the true
lack lies in not
feasting on them.

Be the whale fall phenomenon,
deep in the dark abyssal zone,
where Light can only be

carried by the ones who glow,
and the weight of water crushes.
Become food and home alike.

Adorn your slow decay
with life.  Fashion yourself
world after world from Change

until you are Nothing
more than sand,
scooped into some hour

glass, set upon some restless
soul's mantle, as he tries to tell
the Time, but only watches it

escape, from end to end."

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