THE MATH: (Lilith + Leo) OPPOSITE (Moon + Aquarius) = is like the Wind.


…Lilith Broods…

"As Pluto moves through the last
degree of Capricorn, what are you

being fed?  Who wants to
get you on the train

to the Promise Land?
One last chance

to eat the ripened fruit
of consumerism.  Get rich

quick, by selling a little bit
of meaninglessness.  'You too,

can have an automated business
selling pillowcases, made

in a sweat shop!  Better yet,
why not knock off someone

else's book!  You don't even
have to write it!  We'll find someone

to do all that, you just choose
the title, follow these simple steps,

and pay Amazon, $2,000,
for helping you

 sell your soul- I mean
get started.'  But I wonder,

will these structures hold
up, when Pluto moves

into Aquarius?  Certainly 
things will not be

as they have become?
Here, on the cusp,

the pull of the past
and the future are equally

strong.  It is just that
one we can see,  we understand

how it works.  The other
is like the Wind,

invisible, but howling.
My recommendation

to myself:  Do not
move.  Just listen."

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