Sun ENTERS Aries = Spring Equinox

Happy Equinox!

In celebration, I've got a new print for sale thanks to my buddies at Per Diem Printing.  This piece is a mash up of the old and new, much like the times we find ourselves in! 

The background is derived from an acrylic painting I began on the 2nd of 3 squares between Mars and Neptune, as a way to work through the restless energy I was experiencing during Mars' retrograde journey through Gemini.  The artwork below was created during their final square on March 14th.  You can read more about my musings on the square between Mars and Neptune, and see how the painting began here.

The foreground of the piece below is a compilation of two ink drawn pieces I made in 2016.  At the time, I was practicing scribbling a single, continuous mark on a piece of paper, and evolving it into something else.

I've never created art digitally before, and I experience a lot of personal resistance to it.  It isn't a vein of creativity that comes naturally to me, so naturally, it's easier to avoid it.  It was fun to challenge myself to learn a new skill in order to create this piece, and to explore the possibilities that digital art has to offer, however late to the party I may be.

It was also a little painful.  At the end of a long day, I found myself realizing I'd learned a lot with very little to show for it.  Such is the life of a novice.

Can you see the wolf howling at the Moon(s) in this surreal landscape?  Cheers to the longing for what we can sense but not yet see as Pluto enters Aquarius, the scribbles still evolving into the landscapes of our dreams, and the many uncounted hours that go into creating beauty and meaning in our lives, however that may manifest. 

Xx, J
Purchase the print here.

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