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Uncover the myths within…

If we meet a myth with our lives and deepest concerns, the mythic oracle speaks directly to us. Myths are oracular in the sense that each person can receive a message or an insight that relates to their life circumstances. The point has never been to ‘believe’ in myths or to simple accept what others have said they mean. The key issue with mythic images is to let them speak to us, wherever and whenever we find ourselves seeking guidance, permission, or understanding.

-Michael Meade, ‘The Genius Myth’

Gift Certificates

Give the gift of exploration to another.


Astrology Reading

This 60 minute reading can be focused in a variety of ways.

If you’ve never had a reading before, we can explore the archetypal energy tessellating within your birth chart.

If you’ve had a reading before, please come with a few questions you might have, or themes you are navigating at this time and curious to explore.

Astrology Tutoring

This 60 minute session is for practicing astrologers looking for additional support along their journey. I teach you how to use the software Astrogold, familiarize you to techniques for seeing aspects when reading charts, and guide you to opportunities to deepen your own self-study.

Practicing astrologers must download Astrogold app or software system before purchasing a tutoring session.

Synergy Reading

This 60 minute reading is designed to explore the interweaving of your and another’s birth chart (with their knowing consent).

Together, we discuss the gifts and growth edges of your astrological chemistry. You may both be present for the reading, or this can be done individually.

Synergy readings can be performed for business partnerships, friendships, or loved ones.

Vesta: The Light in the Dark

This reading is designed to explore your Vesta placement.

Vesta is the sacred flame in the hearth of our hearts. She keeps the spark alive. We can follow Vesta towards what we are devoted to, even if we don’t know what that is yet.

Book this 45 minute reading to learn more about the asteroid Vesta, and where she lives in your own chart.

The Moonly Reading Subscription

An ideal offering for the astrology enthusiast, interested in tracking the movements of their lives with the movements of the planets, this subscription will credit you a 30 minute astrology reading every month, to be redeemed at your leisure!

These credits can accumulate and roll over month to month, but can only be redeemed in 30 minute time blocks.

This is the only format in which I will be offering these bite-sized explorations!


Astrology Reading Package: 3 Readings

My 3 Session Reading Package allows you to buy 3 readings at once at a 20% discount. You can book your sessions anytime within a year of purchase.

Tutoring Package: 3 Sessions

My 3 Session Tutoring Package is for the astrology student interested in meeting with me periodically throughout their studies. By purchasing this package, you receive 3 sessions at a 10% discount, and can book your 3 tutoring anytime within a year of purchase.

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