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Craving a deeper dive into astrology?

My Moonly Reading Subscription is not necessarily for those interested in receiving a reading every new or full moon, but for those interested in exploring astrology on a monthly (moonly) basis.

This offering is for you if you’ve had at least one birth chart reading with me or another astrologer, have an interest in connecting with the current planetary movements, and want to develop an ongoing relationship with the Stars. Subscribers are allotted one half-hour reading per month, and meet with me ‘moonly’.

Normally, I don’t find a half hour reading to be enough time to open and close an astrology reading, so I don’t offer half-hour readings. Birth charts are complex! There is so much to explore. I meet with people in half-hour increments in this format, because it allows the querent (you) and me to dig deeply over a period of time.

We can identify what planets are stimulating your unique birth chart blue print, track how a planetary movement is presenting itself in your life, and discover what is means for YOU to dance with the heavenly bodies, not simply what the myths and memes tell you.

Our relationship with the Cosmos is still evolving, just as it has been all along. The Moonly Reading Subscription is just another way to evolve alongside it.

The Moonly Reading Subscription costs $33/Moon. You will be charged every month, and can redeem your credits whenever you like within a year of purchase. This gives you the option to have more frequent readings when you want more astrological support, and less when you don’t. If it’s not a fit for you, or you feel complete in our exploration together, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Please reach out with any additional questions you might have.

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