I had the opportunity to collaborate with Intuitive Astrologer, Virginia Rosenberg, in creating the artwork for her 2023 Cosmic Calendar.  

Virginia's yearly calendar is a tool I have been utilizing for years now.  She gives you an astrological key, a brief synopsis of the year ahead, and major astrological transits for each month.  She translates these movements into poetic terms we can all find meaning in.

You can purchase your 2023 calendar here.


You can now buy a few of my mandalas in 8" X 8" prints ($15) or 6" X 4" POSTCARDS ($5) through my buddies at Per Diem Printing.  Per Diem is a locally owned and operated printing company based in Connecticut, where my roots stem from.

Each mandala in the 'Planetary Signatures' collection is titled after the location it was created in, and inspired by.  Don't forget to check out other collections by Connecticut artists while you're there! 

You can shop my Per Diem Printing Collection here.


One of the first things I ask people when they tell me they use Astrology apps like CoStar is, “Do you look at your birth chart?” The answer is usually no. While these kinds of apps can provide you with a lot of information, they are often gate-keeping you from your own knowing. When I ask people why they don’t look at their chart, they tell me it’s because it’s too overwhelming. “How can you read that?” They ask me. The answer is, because I look… a lot.

One of the first things I did when I began studying astrology independently in 2017, was to create magnets representing each of the signs and planets, accompanied by “mantras” that described the action the planet or sign would take. I would draw an ephemeris on a chalkboard, and move the signs and planets around as they shifted in our skies. This was how I familiarized myself with the symbols of astrology and the meaning they contain.

While I can appreciate not everyone is going to hand-carve magnets to study the stars, this way of relating to astrology has continued to be helpful to me, and I’m passing that on to you. You can now buy hand-drawn birth charts on my Etsy page. These charts come with a key at the bottom, to decode your birth chart, and develop a relationship with the signs and planets. Keep your astrology app, but also look at your chart.

Gift yourself or a loved one the art of seeing the stars as they exist within you. You can shop my birth chart art here.

In love and wandering,


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