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“If we meet a myth with our lives and deepest concerns, the mythic oracles speak directly to us. Myths are oracular in the sense that each person can receive a message or an insight that relates to their life circumstances. The point has never been to “believe” in myths or to simply accept what others have said they mean. The key issue with mythic images is to let them speak to us, wherever and whenever we find ourselves seeking guidance, permission, or understanding.”

-Michael Meade, 'The Genius Myth'


We can awaken the gifts stirring within us, and come to know our Selves better. It reveals our darkness and our light, and helps us to honor both, bringing our being into greater harmony with itself. It fosters connection and self acceptance.

Jillian accesses astrology through the inter-play of myths, archetypes, and elemental energy actively tessellating within us. Reflecting upon these mythic attributes as compounds of our own souls allows us to draw the subconscious into the conscious. Once brought into the light of consciousness, we can begin to choose how to be with these forces and their movements.

Jillian has been reading tarot for 10 years, and began reading astrology 4 years ago. She honors her lineage as an astrologer through Virginia Rosenberg, and is now a teacher’s assistant and tutor for Virginia’s Sky Scholar course.

Jillian is not a therapist. These readings are non-medicinal. They are not therapy, and are not a replacement for therapy. Jillian’s astrology readings are designed as opportunities for exploration, and are meant to be co-created with the querent (you). We speak to what is alive in your chart, and from there we gaze together in the direction of your inquiry.