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The Doors to Sky Scholar 2023 are now open!

Class begins March 28th, and I’ll be joining you on your journey through the level 1 curriculum as a T.A.

I’ve had the privilege to travel with two cohorts through Sky Scholar level 1 so far. As I wonder after who will join us this year, I feel excited anticipation.

Each cohort that comes through Sky Scholar weaves a web that pulls from a variety of backgrounds and wisdom lineages. I learn so much from listening to the stories and shares from budding astrologers on our calls, as well as in our online community forum, where inquiries deepen and insights bloom.

As we journey together for months at a time, I get to watch a miraculous process unfold. Learning the language of astrology has a way of shaking things up in the psyche. As new synapses are formed, sparks fly, wonder expands, mystery brews…

And then, like snow in a globe, the language of astrology begins to settle in each individual, their personal practices, and their professions, becoming their own. Meaning finds its place in the context of your own unique existence. Stardust takes root in your bones, and begins a process of maturation that never ends as you continue to LIVE into the context of astrology.

We study rhythms, and spirals of planetary movement. We study archetypes and planets as profound energy bodies. We learn through text and lecture, but also through clinics, where we gaze at the charts of fellow students, all together.

We are witnessed and bear witness.

Planets are people. They speak to you every day through those you meet. Gather with a Sky Scholar cohort, and you’ve arrived at a watering hole, teeming with the vibrant energy of planetary forces.

This year, I’m offering a FREE 1 hour tutoring session to each person who signs up for Sky Scholar through THIS LINK, redeemable during the months Sky Scholar is in sesson. Once you’ve registered to join us, I’ll send you a coupon code to redeem your session.

Have additional questions? Don’t be shy! Reach out! Looking forward to gathering together soon.


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