MARS ENTERS GEMINI = 50% off Moonly Reading Subscription

Mars retrogrades every couple of years.  Mars entered Gemini on 8/20, and will be here for 7 months.  This means, the part of your chart that contains Gemini is being visited by Mars for an extended stay.

It's creative.  It's curious.  It's scattered seedlings.  It's a windfall of insight.  It's spontaneous dissemination.  Notice what you notice.  Take some nerdy notes.  Observe what evolves as Mars conducts a thorough exploration of your Gemini aspects over the next 7 months.  Hold your Heart open for cleansing and clearing.

If you'd like to learn more about where Mars is activating your chart, sign up for my Moonly Reading Subscription for a 30 minute reading.
FLASH SALE: First month 50% off ($22). This is a great way to try this style of reading on for size.  You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Use the coupon code: MARSINGEMINI to book here

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