Saturn enters Pisces in 9 days…

Saturn's transit through Pisces will bring structure, restriction, and management to the part of your chart ruled by Pisces.  I am already feeling this transit in my creative life as Saturn prepares to pass through my fifth house of creativity, romance, and child-like wonder.  

When expansive Jupiter was traveling through this part of my chart in 2022, I was writing and posting poems almost 3 times a day, every day, effortlessly.  Over 800 poems later, I created an entire pantheon of myth, like one big choose your own adventure novel, with paths to follow that take you deeper and deeper....

But the dance is changing.
My creativity is no longer flowing in as many boundless directions, but that doesn't mean it's not flowing. 

When channels narrow, the force that flows through them becomes more powerful.  What if the aqueducts Saturn puts in place actually assist you in bringing water to more parts of your life?  

Restriction doesn't have to mean limitation, but if you try to fight the boundaries Saturn puts in place for you over the next 3 years, you might find yourself to be a fish out of water.

During Saturn's journey through Aquarius, I experienced my Saturn return.  Like many of my peers, through that process I learned to trust what Saturn removes from my path.  What is meant for you is with you.  What is truly a part of you waves back to you in time.

Saturn makes its entrance into Pisces on March 6th.  This transit is especially potent for those with Pisces placements.  Virginia Rosenberg is offering a live/recorded call to inspire you through this shift.  You can bundle it with the Pluto call for a discount on both virtual ceremonies.  

As always, if you would like to book a reading with me for astrological support, you can do so here.

Xx, J

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