Venus enters Taurus

Venus entered Taurus, have you felt the shift? As a native Venus in Taurus myself, I feel it is appropriate to speak on behalf of the Goddess in this signature. Venus in Taurus wants us to move slowly, and delight in the awarenesses that arise when we breathe deeply; allowing the rhythms of Gaia, resting just beneath the hurried current of our thoughts, to open like a Tulip with the light of morning.

She is the Sun on your face, or rising from the eyes of a beloved. She is bare feet in freshly thawed Earth. She is a salad of beet greens and crisp Spring radish. She is the simple comfort of a warm bed in the cool moments before dawn. She is the womb inside your heart.

Venus in Taurus is eco-sexual. She awakens to the wonder of embodiment. She delights in the sensation of fingertips, lazily tracing spirals on the surface of the water, or your lover’s skin. Venus in Taurus reminds you of what can never change in this ephemeral world: you are not separate from the dirt beneath your fingernails, and for this simple truth alone, you are sacred.

Venus in Taurus hums that you are never severed from the heart of Life, you are submerged in it, held by the songs of the wind and rain, and each creature in its season. There is no place she is not. She is heard in the deep silence of a dark cave, the same as in the murmurations of a bright city. She is tantric; woven from the fabric of each movement in the day. Venus in Taurus says, “come as you are.”

She is always listening for you, and always calling in response.


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