THE MATH: (Mercury + Aquarius) SEXTILE (Chiron + Aries) = Anti-Venom


“Chiron, baby,” calls Mercury,

“Teach us how to suck

the wound.”


"If I am snuggled up with
your South Node, you begin
at Pain.  That is just the Way

it is.  If you wallow in me,
you will drown yourSelves
in what is familiar, and victimhood

will become your crutch.  Eventually,
someone will tell you,  "So what?
You are not a child, anymore."

No one heals,
your own wounds, for you.
You must transmute it, if you want to

move, even if the Pain
never lets you go.
Think of it, like you are building

a new strand of DNA, as you
stack moments towards an Unknown
Way of being, at the North Node.

Call it Destiny, if it suits you.
Call it Self Trust, if you must.
You will never be painless.

Abandon that Myth.
It is childish, to berate
the Universe with your, "Why Me's",

but thread yourSelves
through that experience,
if it helps to know it.

It may take a while,
to get the aminos firing
towards a new proclivity.

You will be anchored to your poison,
as you turn it into anti-venom.
Do not forsake the Pain.  You need it,

to glean wisdom.  You may
never close the wound, but
you will heal, Forever."

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