Eclipse-Wane Musings

We made it through another eclipse portal.  Maybe you're feeling some tension subside.  Maybe you're reeling with all the new information, prompting change and moving you forward.  Move slowly.  Growth is natural.  Digestion is crucial.

Personally, I'm not ready to share all that was bestowed upon me this eclipse season.  I am tending my secrets like seeds.

What are you loosening your grip on in order to regenerate elsewhere?  Where can you root down and expand, and what soil within you has been over-worked, no longer providing sturdy ground for gripping?  Allow yourself to migrate within your own internal structure.  Let familiar fields rest fallow.

Some passions fall away naturally to make room for new creativity.  You are not a singular creation.  Like a mushroom on a log, once the species has digested all the enzymes available to its fruiting body, another species blooms, coming forward to perform its unique role in the digestive process.  Holding onto what no longer has material for growth is counter-active to the overall process of breaking down to break through.  Know yourself as the entire forest, and the natural intelligence within.

It's all right here.

As always, I'm available for astrology readings here.

Xx, J

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