THE MATH: (Mars STATIONS Rx Gemini) = a toddler on an easter egg hunt


 Mars entered Gemini on  August 8th. 
It stations retrograde in Gemini today, October 30th.
It will stations direct in Gemini on January 12th,
and will finally leave Gemini and enter Cancer on March 25th. 
We are one third of the Way through our Mars in Gemini stories.
What have you noticed shift in how you DO in the world over the past two months?

Mars in Gemini, is

a toddler on an easter egg hunt;
Distractable, competitive,
and riding a sugar-high.

Mars in Gemini succeeds
when we apply the Spirit of Play
to what drives us.  Remember

to delight in the discovery.  Hang
in the moment of anticipation,
just before you open an egg. 

Some contain gold, others
contain just a few jelly-beans.
Give a child a choice

between a cold lump of metal
and a jelly-bean, and be deLighted
in what they choose.

Each prize is significant
in its own right.  Gather your
treasures.  Place them on a shelf

in the sunLight.  Arrange them.
Re-arrange them.
See what comes together

as your collection grows.
No need to compare
your treasure to another's. 

The trinkets you are
gathering now
are unique to your own game.

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